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Ashley Fletcher          Kyne Jameson          Rodney Stratton

Kyne Jameson


Kyne is not only a certified Yoga instructor. She also used to work as a massage specialist and rehabilitologist. She has got 10+ years of experience in yoga training. She knows, how to make your body flexible and fully enjoy your life without any muscle or joint pain.

Ashley Fletcher


Ashley started her career in fitness over 10 years ago. At the moment, she owns numerous certificates and trains multiple people both online and in the gym. She is the author of multiple workout programs for women and has created dozens of nutrition plans for people of different age.

Rodney Stratton


Rodney started his career as a bodybuilder 7 years ago. He is a professional in gym workouts and he knows, how to work in a gym to train every muscle. Today Rodney writes a lot for and overviews and edits articles on gym workouts and bodybuilding we obtain from the other authors.

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